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Dynamic Equilibrium
309 Oakwood Court
Youngsville, NC 27596

Phone: 919-562-1548

Nancy Toner Weinberger

Dynamic Energy Balancing About Dynamic Energy Balancing®
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Aug '19 - Foundations
Aug '19

- Realms

Dynamic Energy Balancingmic Energy Balancing®: Foundations

Instructor Nancy Toner Weinberger

Dynamic Energy Balancing® Foundations

Prerequisite: The ability to give an energy work session and at least one prior class in energy work, or permission of the the Instructor.

Certification: 21 NCBTMB-approved contact hours for Massage Therapists. The class is open to all energy workers; license in massage is not required.

Course Description:

Take your energy work to the next level- Immerse yourself in a powerful energetic transformative experience; Gain confidence in your energy work and enhance your professionalism. The class includes:

Course Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of the course the successful student will:

Materials: Please bring brightly colored items in all the colors of the chakras as you know and perceive them, plus something totally black. These items could be fabric, paper, stone, or any other material, but please only one color to an item. You will also need to bring a massage table, sheets and props for your comfort on the table in side-lying position. We will not be disrobing in this class.


Dynamic Energy Balancing Theory: Overview, Emotional Balance, Personality Characteristics, Physical Implications, Seven Functions of Thought, Spiritual/Relationship Level
Treatment approaches:
Building Imagery for healing; Treatment using color and imagery
Sensing and working with the various levels of the aura
Working with Resonance
Working with Higher Self in the Healing Sanctuary
Ethical use of intention and ritual
Assessing/Treating with and without a medical diagnosis

For the full class agenda, click here.