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Dynamic Equilibrium
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Nancy Toner Weinberger

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Dynamic Energy Balancing

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Aug '19 - Foundations

- Realms

Dynamic Energy Balancing® is a theory, an understanding, a metaphysical philosophy, a way of integrating your past, becoming more of who you truly are, a context for working with others. It is about the human energy field, the chakras, and their impact and influence on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. In fact, they are the core of our well-being.

The principles of Dynamic Energy Balancing® inform every aspect of my life. Not that I am "finished." Those of you who've met me can attest to the fact that I'm just like everyone else- seeking my spiritual growth, doing my best to become a better person, seeking and sharing healing, wanting to contribute, wanting to enjoy life. What the principles of Dynamic Energy Balancing® have done for me is to give me a map, a direction, in which to move toward these personal and professional goals.

The original material came to me in huge intuitive chunks over a five year period from 1990 to 1995. At the time I had been giving and receiving a lot of rebirthing, which is a breathwork process that magnifies the human energy field. I had already been doing Therapeutic Touch since around 1982; I would wake up from a reverie with all this information, all these links in my head. It was an exciting time. I did make an attempt to write all this down in 1995 when I moved to North Carolina, but nothing has yet been published. 

The material in this class was presented many times before 2006 in bits and pieces, in energy work classes and in breathwork classes, as well as in private sessions. At that point I distilled the basic information into the 3-day Foundations class, simply named, Dynamic Energy Balancing. The balance of receiving and giving energy work to each other in the class combined with the presentation of the information should allow you to gain useful skills. I can't say whether or not you will learn any specific new energy work techniques- that depends on what you already know from your previous studies and experience doing energy work. I will certainly offer everything I have in this regard. And I am hoping that we will all share our "tricks-of-the-trade" with each other. I will say that when the context shifts for what you are doing, that can make all the difference. A focus of this workshop is "making it real." And to do that we need support, support from each other, support from direct experience, support from higher self. I've included three hours of Ethical Considerations for Energy Workers in the workshop because, as energy workers, we have ethical dilemmas that are unique to this modality. This will be a chance to discuss those kinds of awkward and unusual situations that you've run across and obtain advice and/or confirmation about handling such situations.

One of the most significant pieces of this work is the integration of suppressed emotion from the past. A new three-day class is now offered to help you work with clients, and with yourself to integrate the past in a safe healthy manner.

Dynamic Energy Balancing® theory can help you unravel messages from the body- this concept is explored in detail in a two-day class called Dynamic Energy Balancing® Body Somatics.

There are also 2 basic classes for those who are new to energy work and chakras and auras.

For those that have completed the three-day class, Dynamic Energy Balancing®: Foundations, there are two classes on working with the Realms. Each chakra is a portal to a realm, where we can go to do our energy work and gain fantastic new insights and direction.