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Dynamic Equilibrium
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Nancy Toner Weinberger

Bindegewebsmassage Bindegewebsmassae

also known as Connective Tissue Massage (CTM)

A reflexive therapy of the connective tissue, this structured medical massage protocol was developed by a German Physiotherapist and enjoys widespread use in Europe. The technique is particularly useful for difficult to treat conditions, including most inflammatory conditions, adhesions, breathing problems, menstrual problems, frozen shoulder, blood pressure, migraines, sinus conditions, to name a few. Treatments engage the reflexes of the connective tissue and the autonomic nervous system to bring on powerful healing responses in the body.

All treatments begin at the sacrum, activating the parasympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system. Treatments are generally given to the client in a seated position; the client wears underwear and a hospital gown.

Each course is constructed of 4 modules which are 4 hours each. For the Basic Bindegewebsmassage course each student is required to receive one Basic sequence session (approximately 1/2 hour) from a classmate or professional between the first and second weekend of the class. Courses are only open to health professionals. Sixteen CE hours are awarded to massage therapists and body workers for each completed course. Nancy Toner Weinberger is the instructor for all classes.

CERTIFICATION: To become a certified Bindegewebsmassage Practitioner, complete the 3 sixteen hour courses. A minimum of one private tutorial is required during the coursework. (50 hours total) Take a written exam and a practical exam. Submit case studies documenting Bindegewebsmasssage treatment series for 3 different clients. Completion of coursework, case studies, and a passing grade on both exams entitles the practitioner to certification and a listing on Bindegewebsmassage.us.


Beginning Bindegewebsmassage

  • A 4-hour class that is basically the same as the first day of class in the Bindegewebsmassage Basic course. An overview of Bindegewebsmassage and you will learn the Small Basic series. (4 CE hours)

Bindegewebsmassage: Basic

  • History & Anatomy; Administering the strokes; Small Basic (pelvic strokes)
  • History & Anatomy (continued); Review Small Basic (Pelvic strokes); Sequence 1 (lower thoracic)
  • Review Pelvic & Sequence 1; Sequence 2(upper thoracic) and Sequence 3 (cervical)
  • Review Full Basic; Marketing Bindegewebsmassage

Bindegewebsmassage: Upper Extremity & Torso (prerequisite- Bindegewebsmassage Basic)

  • Review Basic buildup; Add in special strokes for the back
  • Upper Extremity (arm) strokes
  • Torso- front (Ribcage and belly)
  • Wrist & Hand strokes

Bindegewebsmassage: Lower Extremity & Face (prerequisite- Bindegewebsmassage Basic)

  • Review Basic Buildup; Side-lying and prone positions
  • Hips & Legs
  • Feet, special strokes
  • Face

Bindegewebsmassage Supervised Practice

  • A 4-hour supervised practice session based on the material offered in a course designed to review, enhance and refine skills taught. (4 CE hours)

Bindegewebsmassage Advanced Seminar

  • An 8-hour supervised clinic. Students bring clients/patients who are treated in class and their case discussed. A treatment plan is designed for each client with the instructor's input. (8 CE hours)

Bindegewebsmassage Tutorial

  • A 2-hour private instruction session based on the material offered in a course designed to enhance and refine skills that have been taught. (2 CE hours) 

Bindegewebsmassage Certification Exams

  • Each are 2-hours (2 CE hours) 



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