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Dynamic Equilibrium
309 Oakwood Court
Youngsville, NC 27596

Phone: 919-562-1548

Nancy Toner Weinberger


Here are some actual comments about the course, Teaching Skills for the Workshop Leader, from those who have completed it:

"Awesome, varied and complete!"
"Thank you, Nancy, for taking a great deal of "mind-numbing" information and breaking it down into sections that could be followed, and then understood with examples and feedback on our own work."
"Very knowledgeable, very caring. Wonderful class!"
"I feel so energized about my course. I really feel I have the tools I'll need to be successful."
"Your knowledge of teaching and your understanding of policies is amazing!"
"I was very impressed with the organization of materials and happy that it was so thorough."
"I am surprised that my attention was held so consistently over such a long period of time, Great instructor!"
"I enjoyed Nancy's clarity, focus and knowledge. Very enlightening and thorough."
"Really enjoyed the class and would highly recommend it to my colleagues-"
"Excellent course! Excellent instructor! Great material!"
"Very good information that I know will help me in my instructional journey."
"Very helpful, informative and engaging-"
"I will keep this book forever!" (referring to the binder of materials participants receive in class)
"Thanks for an invigorating and mentally stretching seminar; I appreciated your flexibility, and the individual attention you afforded each student. You are truly a gifted mentor!"
"Great job on difficult subject matter. Challenging topic- could have been boring or too detailed...but wasn't."
"I really appreciate your kind honesty. That's when I immediately decided this was a worthwhile investment."
"It's so reassuring to feel your years of hard-won experience!"
"I learned much more than teaching- I grew up a little- very empowering for me."
"This class was just what I was hoping it would be- I feel I have a "leg up" towards becoming approved which others do not."
"Easy to understand and to participate."
"Clear, structured, organized-"
"She was very relaxed and made you feel like you could do whatever you were trying to do."


And what participants have said about the Teacher Training Intensive for massage school instructors......

"This information is incredibly useful and much needed for my daily activity in the classroom and development of the coursework. The students will get so much out of it, too-"
"Learned so much in class that will help me with my tasks when I go back."
"I appreciate your openness to questions outside the scope of the class in your/our time. You managed the class time well "
"Thank you, Nancy . I enjoyed your information and energy. It will definitely help me become a GOOD teacher."
"Thank you for making me take that first step in getting up and trying to lecture the class. Once the nerves calmed down I felt that it wasn't so bad."
"Individual presentations were very useful- Both as a listener and as a presenter. Experiential exercise also very useful- able to get a grasp of why I (we) do the things we do and how we do them."
"I have learned a lot. I feel much more prepared and confident in my paperwork duties. You inspire me to continue and press ahead with my life goals, As life does reflect the curriculum, I think that things in my personal life will begin to fall into place with my new outlook on all this."
"The first day was intense but became more relaxed as the workshop went on and became fun- my favorite learning environment."
"Thoroughly enjoyed!"
"I appreciate someone who knows a lot more than the people she's teaching, and who has a lot more than '2 years' experience."
" Sure wish I'd had this class 15 years ago!! Very glad to have had this opportunity- Many Thanks!!"
"I really enjoyed this class! I enjoyed being in this community of teachers. The content and presentation of course content was excellent!"
"Thank you for having this available!"