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Dynamic Equilibrium
309 Oakwood Court
Youngsville, NC 27596

Phone: 919-562-1548

Nancy Toner Weinberger

Teacher Training Supplementowl 

Course Description:
Take this course if you have taken Teaching! Getting Started. or Teaching Skills for the Workshop Leader and would like to meet the training requirements for teaching in massage schools in North Carolina. The Teacher Training Supplement will review formerly introduced topics specific to teaching in massage schools, and add more knowledge about formerly evaluating student learning, testing, and classroom management.

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Instructor: Nancy Toner Weinberger, BS, LMBT

Participants: Licensed Massage Therapists who want to teach in a massage school setting and have two years experience in an active massage therapy practice. Current teachers and teacher's aides in massage schools may also attend.

Prerequisites: Participants must have completed either Teaching! Getting Started. or Teaching Skills for the Workshop Leader

Learning Objectives:
At the conclusion of this class, participants will
1) Define: Curriculum; Course; Class; Syllabus; Learning Outcome; Learning Objective; Competency; Lesson Plan; Content/Topics; Teaching Strategy; Method of Evaluation; Performance standard; Test; Bloom's Taxonomy.
2) Explain the purpose of a syllabus and name eleven suggested sections of a syllabus.
3) Name five ways to present learning material.
4) Apply given guidelines for the use of each presentation style.
5) Name at least one strength and one weakness for each presentation style.
6) Name three resources for feedback on your teaching
7) Using a given lesson plan, choose lesson activities for that lesson plan that address the diverse learning styles of students and accomplish the objectives of the course/class.
8) Describe how to sequence instructional activities chosen for maximum student learning
9) From the list of Characteristics of a Good Teacher, identify 5 personal strengths and 3 weaknesses; formulate a plan to address the weaknesses identified.
10) Describe how to design a complete method of evaluation appropriate to the learning objectives and performance standards for a course.
11) Describe how to design testing that appropriately measures learning based on the stated learning objectives for a course.
12) Describe 3 keys to successful classroom management.
13) Recognize the disruptive student and build a list of strategies for dealing with the disruptive behavior exhibited.
14) Identify potential personal strengths and weaknesses in classroom management and design a strategy to improve.