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Dynamic Equilibrium
309 Oakwood Court
Youngsville, NC 27596

Phone: 919-562-1548

Nancy Toner Weinberger



Many spiritual traditions have spoken of the correlation between the physical breath and our life force. We have heard the words chi and prana, and though we may have only a vague idea of what they mean, we know they are associated with Tai Chi and Yoga breath techniques for balancing and cleansing the human energy body. Rebirthing, a technique discovered by Leonard Orr using rhythmic circular breathing, is a comparable American version of breathwork. As is the American way, Rebirthing brings about accelerated personal growth. It takes very little time to master, and works quickly and efficiently to saturate the physical and non-physical bodies with energy so that we become renewed, in balance, and deeply relaxed. Transitions Breathwork utilizes all the principles and techniques of Rebirthing, but with the base of Dynamic Energy Balancing theory to stabilize and guide the process.

Transitions Breathwork is a holistic process and thus affects many areas of life. On the spiritual level, new aliveness results in a more spontaneous and loving relationship with God/Goddess, and therefore more spontaneous, loving relationships with those in our lives. On the emotional level, suppressed emotion from one’s past arises to the surface of awareness to be experienced and integrated. This includes the recent past, childhood, birth itself, in utero, and if desired, past lives. On the mental level, deep rooted beliefs and unconscious habits of thinking are brought to conscious awareness for release or reaffirmation. On the physical level, stress is relieved, the breathing itself is transformed, and improvement in health problems is expected.

Individual breathing sessions are usually done in a series of ten sessions one to two weeks apart so that life changes can be integrated. After four or more sessions the client may rebirth in a hot tub with a snorkel for added intensity. A typical session is about two hours in length, including time for talking, listening, the breathing itself (an hour or more), relaxation, and savoring. The philosophy of Transitions Breathwork deals with birth trauma effects, patterns of behavior rooted in childhood, negative beliefs, health and prosperity, and longevity/ physical immortality. Transitions Breathwork may be used as an adjunct to psychotherapy, or on its own. Many people have found it helpful at times of transition in life. The presence of the Breathworker and the nature of the breathwork process itself, allow for an experience that is nurturing and 100% safe.

Transitions Breathwork is also offered in various group formats (See Personal Growth Classes.) Lecture, visualization, and guided breathing sessiosn may be part of the classes.

Transitions Breathwork is a process in which the breath is used to accelerate personal growth. Personal growth, in its highest form, is an aspect of our evolving spirituality, and spirituality is, at its core, about love. We all want to lead more loving lives, and sometimes that true path we seek can become very hazy. The breathwork process helps us see clearly again. It is about recovering each person’s very own individual true path to inner peace and success.