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Dynamic Equilibrium
309 Oakwood Court
Youngsville, NC 27596

Phone: 919-562-1548

Nancy Toner Weinberger

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Dynamic Energy Balancing®

Two beginner level classes and a short talk are offered for those who do not have training in energy work.

Nancy Toner Weinberger is the instructor for all classes.


History & Overview of Energy Work

A 2-hour talk and slide show about the history of energy work in western medicine.
Tuition $40; 2CE for massage therapists and bodyworkers.
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One day classes, 9:45-4:00 with an hour and a quarter for lunch. Each class awards 5CE for massage & bodywork therapists.

Introduction to Dynamic Energy Balancing

Tuition $75

Course Description: The class includes lecture/presentation/slide show, as well as a series of experiential exercises designed to help you sense the energy field. Topics include: history of energy work concepts; overview and bibliography of major energy work protocols; chakras and what they mean; direction of energy flow; levels of the energy field and what they mean; ways to sense the energy field.

Students will remain dressed in street clothes. We do not need massage tables.

Dynamic Energy Balancing®: Basic Technique

Tuition $100

Prerequisite: the ability to sense the human energy field (This prerequisite may be met by taking Introduction to Dynamic Energy Balancing®, another type of energy work class, or simply through natural talent and experience along with some reading.)

Course Description: You will learn a basic energy work protocol for clearing the energy field and encouraging healing.The day will consist of demonstrations and supervised practice, with some discussion time. Topics include: Centering; sensing the human energy field; calming the field; visualizing color; self-care with color; balancing,temperature, under-energy, over-energy, etc.; talking to your client about energy work.

Massage tables used. Students will wear comfortable layered clothing for the class.